Friday, June 20, 2014

Lots have been going on.............

Well....for Father's Day we went to K.C. to spend time with the entire family....and when I say entire, I mean entire!
Here is my husband, two sons and X-husband.
They all had a great time playing golf to celebrate the day!
It is cool that we all enjoy each other and I know it makes the kids happy too!

We also were celebrating my X and his wife Elaine just retiring from Bass Pro last month and moving to K.C. to be near family and the kids!

Now it was also a family celebration of Maddie's birthday. There were all three sets of grandparents there to celebrate number "5"......

We got her a new bike and all the pads to go with it...:)

We had great food all week-end and Some Mores in the evening! Did I mention lots of beer and snacks too? Papa cooked 25 large pork steaks on the grill practically all day Sat.
Everyone brought dishes and Arica made several as well!

The kids had this cake made....and everyone got a good laugh!

Miss Maddie opened all of her presents and was so thrilled with all the fuss!

The girls blowing bubbles Sunday morning early!
Long before some got up! I think
Sheila and Margo were still sawing logs.

Papa always uses his special charm with Margo....
There is no one like her Papa....and she stays close at all times:)

Milly waiting for her turn to bat.............The kids played baseball in the yard and Aunt Sheila had just taught her how to swing properly now there was no stopping her :)

Everyone took turns at hitting the Pinata.
It really took some hard work to get it to burst.
Actually it fell from the tree before it broke. Uncle Jeff had to help it along in the breaking part!

Once it broke it was a mad scurry to collect the candy and treats!

As always it is so much fun to have time together..........and Jeff, Arica , Ted and Elaine were so sweet to take everyone in and make them comfortable!!!! GREAT WEEK END!

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