Monday, April 21, 2014


Celebrating Jeff's Birthday....Aril 18th
Brett Hull signed a shirt for him :)
Thanks Mark for getting the job done!!!!!

We took the girls to the park
and it was nothing but smiles:)
Carrie, Jim and Margo had to stay at home
because Mommy had a terrible bout with STREP THROAT,
Milly went up with us on Friday, but Carrie and the rest were supposed to come Sat.
We missed them :(

our littlest Peeps!
Always happy :)

The girls painting their bird houses.
Last year the girls were not available to paint them with
the rest of the kids.
This year we took them to K.C. with us
where Milly helped them get the job done!

TWO Princesses!


The men relaxing on the patio!

Jeff and Arica have a lovely home in Leawood.
Usually there are trucks and dumpsters in the driveway
making it hard to get a picture.

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