Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Best Mother's Day gift my hubby could have given me :^)

 When your cabinets have looked like this for the past 16 yrs. making for a constant challenge getting things out, it can be so frustrating. Especially getting things off of that 
top shelf ^%$%$#$!

Can you think of anything better than getting them organized, efficient, easily accessible????

Well, I would love the have an hour with the man that designed these stupid cabinets!
How do I know it is a man, you ask? 
Well NO WOMAN would ever design 
such a non functioning 
 cabinet arrangement!

 After searching for a solution at The Container Store
several times over the years....( you can see a little help I received from the Container Store 5 yrs. ago....bottom pull outs)

Laura said, you know they have what you are looking for at Lowes!
Boy, she wasn't kidding.
I would never have found them because I would normally
have no  business in that department.
Well..........I guess the rest is history :)

Now I can get to everything in my cabinets....which hold twice as much as before.
ALSO, I don't have to sit on the floor to get things off that stupid shelf they put halfway back.

 I know this probably seems insignificant to most of you,
but it makes my life so much easier......

I am doing a "Happy Dance" every time I open those doors!

OMG I am in heaven!


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