Monday, February 24, 2014

Golfing Trip?

Every year my husband and brother in law plan a golfing trip.
This year they are going to Biloxi, Al.
Sandy and I have been included for many years now....
but we are up to our devices :)
Sometimes we sew, read, paint, draw and of course shop!
We are planning on making a quilt top this trip.
This is my selection of fabrics I am taking
to which
Sandy will add her fabrics......
Should be fun!
That little sewing machine I just bought.....PERFECT!

We decided that each would bring a variety of prints and solids.
My solids are not as solid as they could be....but
I don't usually buy plain fabric:)

We chose a color scheme....tomato red, teal blue and any derivatives of those colors.

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