Friday, October 25, 2013

Self Sashing 9 Patch............

Something new for me is trying all the quilt patterns I see online and in books. I usually like to make my own alterations to something I have seen.....but that only goes so far :) While perusing Pinterest I saw a quilt called "Self Sashing 9 Patch". It caught my eye!!!  I love the way those before us have figured out a way to make a complex looking quilt square with a few simple steps!!! 
I had a bunch of scraps that were already cut into I decided to try.
Clever how it turns out.....and to think I spent all that time sashing that "I Spy Quilt"....ha..ha! If I like the way this turns out....I will start a big quilt.

If you are interested in how this works....simply leave a comment and I will post a tutorial.

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