Saturday, October 26, 2013

Anthropology (like) Wreath!!!

I found this DIY project on a blog I frequent right here, "My Sweet Savannah". 
Always chock full of interesting things!
 I rushed out yesterday and got my it completed before 8:00 am today:)
You must make little puffs from yarn, tying them together and clipping them as you go! 
 Start by winding the yarn around your fingers about 13 times,
 clipping an additional piece to tie it together 
then clipping all the loops once it is together making a puff. 
Approx 45 to 50 puffs are needed to complete the wreath. 
Great job while watching mindless T.V.....ha..ha!
I used a straw wreath as the foundation, 
covering it by winding strips of white fabric around, 
securing with glue gun.
I also used the glue gun to secure all the puffs.
I understand that Anthropology was selling these wreaths for 298.00.
You gotta love it.

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Sandy Graeser Haynes said...

cute wreath, and love the self-sashing idea, too... you've been a busy girl... ha ha