Friday, October 11, 2013

Last night with the girls :^)

First the park and then Bread Co.....always a good choice for the girls!
After dinner we went over to Aunt Sheila and Uncle Chris' to visit with the boys!

Milly and her new friend.

Before we ate dinner, we visited Blackburn park!
We met this darling girl named Sloan.....with a remarkable resemblance to Milly!
The girls looked at each other for quite awhile seeing the likeness, but not knowing how to handle it :)
They had a connection and immediately became friends.
Isn't youth grand?

Margo tried to get away with a pumpkin....but we caught her :)
Look at Keelies eyes..........ha..ha..ha

Sheila found these darling battery operated lanterns at the Dollar Store.
She always finds wonderful and scary decorations for Halloween!!!
Never a dull moment at their home :)

The boy's room when they go to bed......darling!

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