Saturday, October 12, 2013

Greatest Neighbors.....

Every year for the past 15 yrs. our neighbors, Alan and Susan have had us all over for a delicious steak dinner!
Alan is a fantastic man on the grill and always gets our steaks cooked to perfection:)
We have all been friends since we built our homes at the same time!
We were the first ones to move into the Phase 2 of  Vista Glen in the Legends.
We had such fun watching each others homes going up and
remained friends all these years.....still enjoying our homes.

We got a little silly trying to get our cameras to take timed photos!
After about 12 tries were getting giddy.....then someone else would get their camera out!
When two of us had our cameras perched on the counter counting down the seconds....Leo decides to get his camera going too :^)

Great time with good friends :)

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