Saturday, July 27, 2013

Peach and Blackberry Picking....

Today was the most beautiful day and we decided to spend it in Ill.  We headed across the Alton Bridge and onto Grafton on the great river road.Sailboats and pleasure boats filled the water and were so pretty on that expanse of water! At Eckerts we picked peaches and blackberries.  Margo was right in there picking many of the peaches and smiling all the while! She also wasn't bad picking blackberries.....although the squished several leaving a dark red stain on her pants:)  After picking the fruit we headed to the Grafton Ferry that opened today after 3 year absence. GoGo loved being on the water. Then it was on to a little restaurant that sat at the waters edge. Great fried catfish and shrimp....even though that is not on our diet any could you resist? Great time was had by the three of us.....couldn't have been in better company :^)

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