Friday, July 26, 2013

Hands-on project!!!

This new house of Jeff and Arica's presented some real problems! We went up to help with the clean-up!
Clean-up is putting it mildly.....but that is why we went. The home is in Leawood and has all the potential to be beautiful. The people that lived there didn't believe in cleaning....and we guessed that the entire 3 yrs. they lived there....noting was touched!

Below is the dramatic ceiling in the kitchen eating area.

Below is the family room with the big vaulted ceiling. Cozy  room and once it gets painted.....will probably the place the family will gather most of the time:)

This is Olivia's room with all the charm of a little princess!  It is the only room on the second floor that has been painted at this point.
Rog put up new lighting fixtures in the girls rooms :^)

We celebrated out little princesses 2nd Birthday ....even though it fell on the week-before....during the move!

Here is my big munchkin......What a precious sassy little girl!!! We had a lot of fun reading, drawing and playing the evenings.

Below the girls are opening their presents! Something for Mattie too....

While we were there this room was changed from a DARK GREY to this light cream (still needs another coat) The carpenters are putting up picture frame molding in areas of the coffered  ceiling. Should be pretty!

Floors have been stained Ebony.....very pretty, but I wouldn't want to keep them clean.

Arica, Mattie and I relaxed on their bed....which is laying on the floor:) Below is the living room which is the other room painted while we were there!

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