Friday, August 03, 2012

Sewing with my Sis!

 My sister and I try to get together once a week 
to do something together:D  
Sometimes we run out to the country, 
other times we just go for a nice lunch 
and then 
there are many times that we bake,
or paint together:) 
 It is great having a sister that enjoys the same thing 
that I do.......makes activities easy to find.

 Today was a sewing day!

Sandy wanted to finish a baby quilt that had been on hold for a while.
I wanted to make some banners to hang in my studio
since the kids are in there a lot.
We don't have a ceiling in that area and I thought
the banners would add some whimsy
and well as hiding some of the mess up there:D

Here are the banners hanging.............still need a lot more!!!
But I do like the circus atmostphere
it brings to a place where we have a lot of fun!


Virginia Floyd said...

What a fabulous work space. I always enjoy seeing your projects. I sewed my doll clothes when I was a girl. I loved doing that. Of course my mother helped me with the sewing machine, but I made lots of stuff by hand.

Virginia Floyd said...
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Virginia Floyd said...

Sorry, I duped the first comment.