Thursday, July 12, 2012

"Sweet Sue"....found awhile back:D forgot to post:)

I found this wonderful old doll at a Thrift shop some weeks ago.
She was so old with tattered clothing and messy hair
that she had been passed up:(
Her little face reminded me so of a doll I had in the 1950's
that I had to bring her home with me!
Once I cleaned her up I decided to make her a new, fresh dress.
Using her old dress as a pattern, I made her a new one from my stash!
She turned out so cute that I purchased some shoes and panties for her online.
As I said in the last post......I used to laugh under my breath at old women
that devoted a room in their home to their doll collection!
I still can't see myself doing that, but I must admit, it brought back my
youth in a wonderful way
and I had fun doing it!
Now, what to do with these dolls?  I am thinking there must be some
young girls that don't have the option to own a beautiful doll
and they would be just the right person
to take care of these two lovely dolls:D
If you know of anyone, please drop me a note in the comment section!
Thanks, Linda


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