Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Madame Alexander....

 Well.....let me start this story by saying that as a youngster I was NUTS about DOLLS!  I vividly remember my heartbreak when my mom told me that at 12 yrs. old  I was probably too old to get a doll for Christmas!  I remember collapsing behind an upholstered chair in the living room and crying my eyes out!  Isn't it funny how some memories stay with you forever?

 My favorite doll (one of many) was a Madame Alexander ballerina doll!  She was 14" and had hose, ballet slippers and a darling tutu all in beautiful pink!  Not to belabor this story......

This week, while visiting my favorite Thrift Store......I spotted this darling young lady!  She was
so beautifully made and in such good shape, I took a closer look!  Well, she was a Madame Alexander doll marked 2006.  The price was 2.00 and I had no idea what I wanted her for, but I couldn't leave her laying on that shelf with all those ordinary dolls:D

 I used to looks with curiosity and a little snicker inside when I would see old women with their doll room housing their doll collection!  How silly I would think!  And to devote an entire room in their home to their collection......what a waste of space:D

I am not there yet, but I must say it took me no time at all to clean her up, re-do her hair and make an outfit for her!  My friend, Sharon had given me a lot of 18" doll patterns from the days where her granddaughters were playing with dolls.  She no longer needed them!  I have a feeling if things keep going like this, many of those patterns will be put to use:)

I don't plan on making a habit of looking for and collecting dolls, but a girl has to do what a girl has to do .......especially when you find them discarded the the local Thrift...LOL!

Her white sandals are on the way.....from Vee's Victorians here!  Just in case you need it...ha..ha!

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