Saturday, May 05, 2012

First "Royalty Check".....whoooo who!!!!

As some of you will remember......
I had some of my "Peepin and Peckin" collection 
selected by Masala Card Co. for production! 
 I never got around to showing you the cards 
the catalog. 
 Since then they have asked for more 
of my designs 
and will be selling them
 in their Fall catalog!  
This April I received my FIRST ROYALTY CHECK.....
and though it wasn't that big......
it was BIG to me!
What a thrill:D
Above are the cards they will add to their
 Grasshopper Press
in the Fall.

 Here are the first cards they published and sold:D

And below
is the listing in their catalog!
It feels great to have someone
acknowledge your work:D 

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Rose Garden Romantic said...

Oh wow! How exiting to sell your work!!! Your cards are so lovely!