Tuesday, May 08, 2012

15 yrs. in the Making.....

When we first built our home 
the allowance for lighting was VERY LIMITED!
  Since we had to provide all the lighting 
for the entire home, 
we opted for the least expensive
 to meet our needs:D  
I had seen many things 
I would loved to have had......
but just put the thoughts on hold!

I found the perfect ceiling fan for our kitchen
 dreamed of someday having it!

Well.....it only took 15 yrs....
this week it finally materialized :D 

Now....I am not "Poor-mouthing"
there were so many 
other things that took
The fan was low on the list...
every time I was reminded....
I longed for that fan!

Let me also preface this accomplishment
with the fact that it was 
way back then.
Well.....to cut to the chase,
here is my new look in the kitchen
I am thrilled!!!

1 comment:

Rose Garden Romantic said...

It's beautiful! I love that style of fan! So happy that you finally got it!