Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Tonight we celebrated 2 Birthdays!

Papa and Margo share a Birthday.....
so it was quite a celebration:D
Margo turned 9 and Papa....well, he got another yr. older:)

Margo loves food....
and she is very specific about what she likes.
This year we put together a huge tote full of her favorite foods.
She was overwhelmed.....the look on her face was so funny:D
She did get some normal gifts as well..............
but her favorite was of course the food!
Before they left we were cleaning up all the papers etc.
and I went to put the top on the tote.
She immediately came over and pulled it off.........
telling me that that was NOT o.k......LOL!
I had to explain that she was taking it all home.....
but we needed to pack it up:D
Our precious little girls
were all decked out in their clothes
I recently made them and looked so cute.
Our precious angel will probably be dreaming
of her tote when she falls a sleep tonight...ha..ha!


Birthday Gift Ideas said...

Great birthday ideas,thank you sharing...

Sandy Graeser Haynes said...

SO SWEET... you always find the perfect gift that ALWAYS hits the spot !