Tuesday, February 14, 2012

CHALK PAINT made at home:)

Here is my first 1 1/2 pt. of Chalk Paint......I made!!!!!

Thanks to "No Minimalist Here" blog
I was inspired to try
several of her methods of making
the golden liquid!!!
She purchases the sample size paint to get her colors:)
Great idea!

She recommends several additives for your latex paint.
The first one I tried was...
unsanded grout

I was able to make a paint that stuck like Annie Sloan paint
I couldn't mix out all of the granules that formed
when I mixed the paint with the grout:(

Next....I tried another of her suggestions...
Calcium Carbonate

I purchased mine online, but my sis
found it at a local health food store.
Well..............that did the trick!!!!! YEA
You can mix it with any latex paint you have left from
other jobs.
I purchased a blender
at the thrift store

filled it with paint
slowly sprinkled
the Calcium Carbonate
into the mix....blending between each addition:)

I just worked with it until
I liked the look and feel of the paint!
Once I painted it onto a piece of raw wood
I was thrilled to find that it stuck
and dried just like the
expensive stuff!

The Calcium Carbonate is in powdered form......ground limestone!

These are my latest projects.....a table and 4 chairs.
Love the fabric I found for the seats
Now all I need to do is finish sanding
You can see the fabric in the pic above.
We had to make complete seats
for these chairs.
Hubby made the wooden seat
and I already

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♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Love your chairs.
I did a set too using the paint - plaster a paris mix.

I need to wax too so I havent posted yet.. I think its GREAT we've come up with ways to duplicate the results of what was for me a very expensive option, the real chalk paint. That was just way outta my budget and I love a bargain.
3 cheers for "No Minimalist Here"~!
we owe her a prize or something:)

Cant wait to see your chairs all done and in place..

155 Dream Lane

Traci said...

Thank you so much for writing about your sucess with a home-made chalk paint. I didn't think it was worth $38 plus shipping but I am willing to try a home-made version.
Your chairs are lovely.

bev said...

Oh so good to know these recipes work for chalk paint. I have seen them but wasn’t sure if they would be the same, but I trust your comments since you have used the real stuff. What about the wax? Do you still use the Annie Sloan version?

lindaharre said...

Yes Bev.....I haven't found anything to replace Annie's soft wax! Thanks for stopping by! Linda