Friday, January 13, 2012

She's Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our precious little girl had a really hard time
during the Christmas holidays :(
She was soooo anxious and uncomfortable in her own skin!
It was also very difficult for those of us that love her so much.
Nothing we could do..............nothing helped!
She would break out in tears for no apparent reason
and get into mischief if left alone.
She was unhappy, but we had NO IDEA why or what to do.
She was hitting her head to the point that I put a bike helmet on her.....
which she wore for the better part of two weeks......even sleeping.
Autism is such a mysterious disorder......
I keep praying for a break-through before Margo gets too old.
She was knocking her wrists together so hard
that her hands and fingers became bruised and swollen:(

When she went to see the neurologist he upped her dosage
of her regular meds.
and put her on Prozac.
We were all skeptical about that...........
but just hoped that something would relieve her frustration and anxiety.
Did I mention that she has to have gloves on all the time as well?
Well, that is fairly new development as well.

Yesterday she came to visit and spend the night!
OMGoodness....................he heard my prayers!
SHE WAS BACK..............
that precious funny, happy little girl that loves giving kisses and snuggles:)
Praise God for the doctors
that have the knowledge and wisdom to deal with these terrible disorders!!!!

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♥ Sonny ♥ said...

I am happy for all of you.. I too wish they would come up with a cure for this terrible illness.