Saturday, January 21, 2012

Painting Projects:D

A lot of painting going on here......different kinds I must admit,
but still painting!
The kids wanted to paint today
I had purchased Birdhouses for them at Michael's.

Chase had so much fun painting his.....
while Milly painted some small canvases I had!
She had worked on her Birdhouse a week ago while visiting:)

Hunter wasn't interested.....not yet anyway.
He was all absorbed in the XBox
with Papa:D
They were having so much fun.....I understood the attraction:)

Papa and I have been involved in some painting of our own....
The lower level bath needed a little TLC.
I found a gray blue I liked and we set to work the other night.
Once finished, we tackled the woodwork.
I like the change
it makes for a much brighter room:)
Haven't decided what to hang on the walls
but did pull out a couple of pieces I had in my stash.
I used to have blue all over the house
so I have plenty of embellishments...
just need to pick the right ones!
We purchased a new light fixture and I painted another mirror we had
Annie Sloan Pure White.
A little sanding and waxing and it was good to go!

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Linda Carole Bloom said...

Looks like such a fun day! I never thought of birdhouses for kids, but they look very creative!