Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Can't wait for a little warm weather:D

For our Anniversary........hubby got me a 22 rifle!
Not a gift that just everyone would enjoy
I am so looking forward to going to the shooting range the next warm day:)
I would never shoot anything that is living....not my style,
but a few oil cans or a carton of eggs could make for a fun hour or two.
I have always had a 22 since I was a little girl.
Dad bought me one many many years ago
and I would accompany him to the near-by quarry.
We would set up our targets and have such fun.
I was always a pretty good shot.....
and though it has been awhile,
I am really getting excited about trying my hand at it again...
soon, I hope!
What are you dreaming about while winter nips at your nose?

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Rose Garden Romantic said...

Happy Anniversary! Have fun with your new present!