Thursday, December 01, 2011

Painters' Tarp Slip Covers.....

Today was the day I have been waiting for since first contacting my friend and seamstress, Sharon. It was last Sept. that I first decided to have my pieces slip-covered. I wanted to use Painter's Tarps because of the texture, color and durability.....

Once deciding on the fabric....I had to find enough in the same color and texture to do the job. It took about 24 yards (36" X 54"). Sounds easy.....not so much!!!!! We decided that the darker tarp I found could be used for all the piping to make a little contrast......very subtle I know:D

Sharon has done a lot of work for me over the years.....and before she left we decided on another small project she is going to work on........a painters' tarp shower curtain with grommets! Once she finishes it I will have a large family monogram placed in the middle.

Her work is always right matter what I ask of her:D
She does a lot of work for designers in the area and always has a long waiting list.....I think you can see why.

Recently I had seen these pillow covers at Dear Lilly and had to have them! When I went to order of course they were sold out:( I emailed her and found out that she might have a few more before Christmas!!!!! She said she would let me know as soon as she put them up in her Etsy shop........thus...the holiday spirit pillows for my newly slip-covered sofa!

I am sure I will be fooling with the pillow combo for some time, but I had to get a few pics to share.

I hope you are experiencing a little sun and something fun and new in your home this holiday season.......

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Dear Lillie said...

Looks beautiful! Your sofa turned it amazing!

cityfarmer said...

right up my alley!!!

your home is luscious.

I will be using some of your work in an upcoming link party if that's ok ...

thanks for linking, I hope to see you every week!

♥ Sonny ♥ said...

Love it.. it looks newly upholstered. no way those are just slip covers.

your newest follower
Sonny ~ 155 Dream Lane

Virginia Floyd said...

Your home is beautiful!