Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wooden Tool Box

Bad blogger that I am.......once again there is no "before" pic!
Sorry...........but just visualize a dirty beat up gray tool box!
Got it?
O.K. with a little cleaning then a coat of ASCP,
"Old White" paint it started to come to light:D
After some playing with the color and a good clear wax coat....
it was time to get the shine on!
I wanted to do something to the outside,
but wasn't sure if I should paint on a false advertising piece
or just numbers.
I actually wanted bigger numbers,
but didn't have any stencils
didn't like my hand painting so..............I found some stampers
I had and went to work!
I used permanent ink and am really happy with the result!

I have always thought the sofa table was nice,
but didn't quite fit into my more shabby and re-purposed grouping.
I also wanted to hide the cords from the lamps up top:D
I had my measurements when I went to the antique mall
to deliver some goods yesterday.
Right there on the front porch was what I was looking for..............WOW!
The price was right as well.....a mere 25.00
I didn't have to use a tank of gas looking for it:D

Eventually I will paint the inside of the box with one of the ASCP blues
and use the box for storage!
But for now, I wanted the instant gratification....LOL


bev said...

love the tool box. I am wanting to try this paint, it looks so cool. Does the table in the picture where you put the tool box have a copper top? From the light of the lamp it gives an appearance of hammered copper. Just wondering, I just recently got a new kitchen table with a hammer copper top and this looked similar. please keep posting pics of your painted furniture, great inspiration!

lindaharre said...

Bev.....yes, the top is hammered copper! I really like the entire table, but it seemed like it needed a little shabby chic to make it fit in:)

Cynthia said...

Love your toolbox! The numbers look great, too!

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Great job on the toolbox. I like the washed finish. Thanks for visiting my blog.

Butterbean Row said...

I love what you did to the tool box.You got me wondering if there is a way to add some know those clear signs that you can put on the wall? There is kind of sticky back adhesive. Hmmmmm...