Saturday, September 17, 2011

Alicia LaChance & Milly..............

The last couple of years I have been going to the Clayton Art Fair
(several posts back)
to see two of my favorite artists!
Although the pocket book didn't allow me to purchase.....
it is so much fun to see what they have been up to:D
In Alicia LaChance's booth I was blown away by her new pieces
and would have purchased any of them
if not for the bill for the new flooring (I do own one)!
I am interested in getting one of her Pele Prints
when she finishes them!
My other favorite artist is Carol Stewart ( I have two pieces she has done) and she never disappoints either:D She had some large paintings of Japanese Lanterns that were fabulous!
click on their names to see more of their work:)
The piece above is a poster Alicia had a stack of in her booth!
When I asked what they were....she asked if I wanted one....
Well of course I did!
These lovely posters are printed on old vintage wallpaper and had tags hung in each of the stars on the left with her name, booth number and phone no.
Wonderful advertising for her work and the show!!!!!
Now, I have one framed and hanging in our family room:D

One day & night each week Milly and I have plans.....
sometimes we paint, print, walk, or take in a local sight and lunch!

This is our special time
since Margo occupied most of my time this summer:D

Milly is not in school yet
it is perfect timing
to make up for lost quality time this past summer.

Here she is working on a Halloween printing project!


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