Thursday, September 01, 2011

White Painted Wood Floors......

Well.....after much deliberation
we finally decided on what to do
about the worn out carpet!
It has been down since we built the house 13 yrs. ago
and the time had come to replace it:D
The problem we had was.....I didn't want anything dark,
since all my furnishings
were based on the light almost cream colored carpet.
Hubby said we needed something darker
because of all the grandkids:(
I didn't want set out to find something
that would meet both of our needs.
The alternative I came up with was
Shabby White Painted Hardwood" flooring!
Although it was much more expensive
than we wanted.....
we decided to do some of the grunt work ourselves
to cut costs:D
The flooring I found was a custom hardwood flooring
that had to be ordered
That was all right because we didn't have a rush!!!!
After two months the flooring came Monday.
It had to acclimate in our house......
which meant that it had to sit for 3 days before being installed.
Last night we moved all the doors and furniture
from the area.....
once again stacking everything in the dining room and piano room.
Not a big deal really:D
Today they started!!!!!! YEA!
They will be installing the great room and hallways first.
Once that flooring is in,
we will move the furniture back in and onto the new flooring
At that point we will clear out the kitchen and dining room.....
that means dishwasher, stove, frig, washer and dryer
....OH MY!
Hopefully the beginning of next week they will complete
the last two areas
we will then install our quarter round
and re-install some of our moldings (kitchen).

We are not putting the flooring in the bedrooms at this time.
I still like the feel of carpet when we trip out of bed:D

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Virginia Floyd said...

It has to get worse before it gets better, right? I know you will love it. Ever since you posted your picture of your mantle I've been keeping my eye out for white pumpkins.