Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Learning Curve with Annie Sloan....

I learned something about Annie Sloan paint
that I will be able to use in the future:D
I found this little stool at the thrift shop for a couple of dollars!
I painted it with Annie Sloan "Old White"
once it was dry, I sanded it at the edges.
To avoid the waxing process since it can be time consuming......
I painted over the finish with Latex Polyurethane.
When I came back into the room
after covering the seat with fresh foam and linen fabric...
I noticed the paint starting to craze!
I love the crackle look and the age it added to the finish.
Although I will probably not use this on many pieces.....
it is nice to know how to get a crackle glaze without some fancy kit:D

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Nelda said...

You can also get a crackle finish on ASCP just by holding a heat gun or hairdryer on the wet paint. But then, you would have to wax it.