Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Annual Bike Races...........

We always love watching Chris race during the Labor Day Week-end. In this photo he had broken away and was in the number 2 position:D
The races over the week-end take place at Lafayette Square, Francis Park, The Hill, and Benton Park! At 42 it is hard to believe he can still keep up that pace!

Here comes the pack behind him:D

We had a lovely lunch while we watched the race.
Absolutely beautiful day after days of 100+ weather!

As always there was a big crowd.....the atmosphere is electric!
Since we sit right on the bike path.....we can enjoy the race with good food in front of us! The trip to the street with camera in hand every couple of minutes!
Finally we nabbed some seats on right on the street and watched the remainder of the race up close and personal:D
Chris actually finished 8th.....not bad for an old man...LOL!

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