Tuesday, July 05, 2011


I love to refinish furniture, but fail to take "before" pics!
Not sure why, but the camera is never handy,
it is too hot to deal with finding the camera,
I am ashamed with the way the garage looks
or any other excuse you can come up with!

I have had some sweet pieces over the last couple of months.....
all purchased at "Thrift Stores", auctions or estate sales for next to nothing:D

All the pieces were in pretty bad shape and needed some TLC
along with paint, stain and sander.

I am lucky to have a handy hubby who is always ready to help....
He nails, screws, glues pieces together for me
has been known to make missing pieces as well:D

This little hutch was really rough, but had good bones.
It cost me a
BIG $22.50
at the half price sale at my local thrift!

I had the knobs from a sale years ago at Target:D

These little tables had such cute shape I couldn't resist. I bet I didn't pay more than $10.00 each. The sanding is always the biggest deal to me! I have several electric sanders including a "mouse", rotary sander and a palm sander. I use them all......but I still hate the job.

This little chair was in pretty good shape,
but the upholstery was dirty and ugly.
I had some burlap to go with the shabby chic finish.
Needless to say, it sold right away.
I picked up this chair for $15.00 at an auction:D

This piece started out a double bed frame.
We bought it at auction but went off without the side rails &*^%*(^%^#
Although I only bid $20.00 for it,
I couldn't sell it as a bed without the side rails.
I designed a bench that hubby put together for me.
It sat at the antique mall for a couple months......
not a piece that everyone can use.
It did sell and I made a nice profit on it:D
This isn't the finished look.....I did shabby it up a bit, letting the brown wood show through:D

Just thought I would share these pieces
since I am back in the painting mode....
this time I plan on taking
"Before" pics!


Dana from Our Life's Legacy said...

Saw your post of Thrifty Treasures.. you had some great finds!

bev said...

Wow, such great buys! I have a couple of pieces needs some TLC and alot of sanding; your post gives me inspiration!! thanks.