Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fun Week with Kids!!!


This week was completely filled with kids.....
and I loved it:D
Josie spent the night Wednesday
and Thursday she and I went shopping for fabric and patterns for some summer clothes.
We had a great lunch at Dewey's in Kirkwood
and then visited Target
where she spent some money Papa had left her!
Tuesday we had Margo and Milly as well
as Friday and Saturday.
Today we nabbed the girls again and took them to the pool
for a couple of hours.
It is so hot here
that the break from the heat and A/C
was really nice!
Last night we celebrated Kyle's 7th Birthday
with a great meal, cake and ice cream!
It was a wonderful week
I thank God for all these little people
that keep my life so interesting:D
Each a special gift from God!

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