Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fun trip and R&R......

Just returned from a fun and storm ridden week in Kentucky Dam Village! Beautiful cabin, relaxing atmosphere, great food and company!!!!!! The boys played golf everyday while Sandy and I found antique shops, flea markets and wonderful vistas. The first day there we were lucky enough to find an art fair in Paducah:D Right up our alley!

Beautiful Southern homes and gardens dotted the path of the show. Historical reenactments being performed on the street and very nice artwork featured from friendly artists! There is an artist community in the southern end of Paducah. Artists have been given space for living and working at a reduced rate to encourage them to come to the area. Many of the galleries were open and it was fun meeting the artists along the way!

A fun time with family is always something to look forward to! San and I painted, read and even cooked a few meals. A lot of texting between St. Louis, K.C. and Kentucky as the storms ripped through the Midwest! Everyone at home safe and sound! A lovely time was had by all!

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