Thursday, April 21, 2011

Switching Lanes

When I get frustrated.....I change direction:D It is sort of a defense mechanism I guess.....LOL! Anyway, today after the ole Mammie and OB yearly.....I headed glad that it was over for another year!!!! Suddenly, nearly running into a car, I swished my car into JoAnn Fabrics Store. I don't usually shop there, but it is hard to find a fabric store in St. Louis:( My favorite closed last summer and I find myself ordering online most of the time. On a whim......I thought I would give JoAnn's a try. As expected, after shopping all the aisles once I was ready to go. Since I had the time I decided to give it one more try just to make sure something didn't slip by me! Well......good for me:D They were having a sale and much of their fabric is 50% off. The quality of almost all of their fabric leaves me I said, once in a while I find something really nice. Well, today was my lucky day. On that second trip I found some great quality (almost like pima broadcloth) fabrics hidden in between some flannels. The photos don't do the fabric justice, but take it from me it has wonderful "hand" and is top quality. The best part was that it was only 4.49/yd. instead of the usual 9-10 dollars a yard. I purchased enough to make a couple of the girls sundresses and maybe a skirt or two. It was a good day:D
I plan to make the dresses out of the black floral with the dot will be a border at the bottom. Not sure what I will do with the light floral yet.

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