Friday, February 25, 2011

Seems So Far Away.........

Having so many of our grandchildren close at hand is a gift from GOD!

I can't exactly explain the feeling,

but sort of like the 'old woman that lived in a shoe' mentality.

They are all within a few minutes drive when the impulse strikes us!!!!! lies the problem......

one and soon will be two are located FAR FAR AWAY!

Well, not really that far, but in K.C......and that is too far for a "STOP BY"!

I just hate it!!!!!!!

But, must say I feel rather selfish in saying that

since most people are not as lucky as we.....having 12 of the 13 so close:(

My hopes soar everytime my son says

they are thinking of moving home:D

It is fleeting though.....

because I know they have family and roots in K.C.


it would hard to break those ties.

We have even considered moving ourselves.....but that will not happen either.

When touring Europe some years ago

I was so intrigued with the family dynamics there.

Families stay close.....

in fact in Greece the families live under the same roof many times.

Wedding gifts include adjoining land and olive quaint:D

On the Plakas and Plazas families gather at night for



and play.

The entire family is there!!!!! How great would that be!

Life is so short in the larger scheme of things....

and in a perfect world....

we would all live on the same block!!!!!

I can dream can't I?


Nelda said...

I know what you mean about the grandchildren being close. Our four grandbabies moved to Flagstaff, AZ, a THREE DAY drive from Florida. I miss them so much. And the other two live in Texas, a two day drive. whine, whine, whine. I try to remember that they are building their lives where they feel God has called them.

Virginia Floyd said...

A few generations back, families lived close to each other and grew up and lived and died within a few miles of each other. That has all changed since our children now take jobs across the country.