Sunday, January 02, 2011

Todays project.............

This is my project of the day......I have had the paint for months:D
This table and benches was a Garage Sale find some years ago
for a mere 35.00!
It is solid wood and extremely heavy.
It is not what I would have chosen for the center of our space on the lower level...
it was actually exactly what I needed.
Since we do most of our living on this level, I needed a place for kids to draw and eat.
It serves as a place to do many of my projects...
like sewing and serging:D
For several years it was my spot to cut out patterns as well.
Since it has a laminate (Ugh) top
which is functional, but not very pretty
I wasn't able to paint the entire table.
I left the bench tops natural wood as well
when the weather is a little warmer
I plan to take it out on the patio and sand/stain/seal!
This color is "Toasted Poppy Seed" from Walmart
and it isn't a gray or a true black...
somewhere inbetween:D
The dark bottom covers a world of sins
plus goes much better with the little black bar we have in the same area!
Next......take down the lighting fixture
spray paint it black:D
That is for another day....LOL

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