Monday, January 31, 2011

Birth of New Collection :D

I have always been intrigued with complex instruments and machines.
Something about the ingenuity that goes into their making!
Have you ever really looked at a piano....the inner workings of a piano?
What about a clarinet? Old typewriter????
Well, I have a new love of vintage some of you have seen
in past posts.
With Ebay handy and the help of my thrift shop excursions
I have a new collection being born.
Not sure where I will display these beauties,
but they should fit in almost anywhere:D
Here are my first purchases......the more rusty the better:)


Rose Garden Romantic said...

Those are great! I love collecting vintage clocks, too. Next I'm looking for a square one!

Nelda said...

We have so much in common. I love all that stuff, and have a small clock collection also. Have you seen the DVDs produced by Animusic? They are fascinating; all gears, cogs, music instruments etc. set to music.