Sunday, December 12, 2010

Part 2

Father Bill and his crew outdid themselves this year! Click on pics to enlarge and see detail:D In the third floor room (Santa's this year) we counted 18 Christmas Trees!

All the window sills in the parlor are filled with little quaint:D

Couldn't even see the tree on which all these ornaments were hung!

Loved the little paper houses everywhere!

The kitchen is small......but not a counter top or cabinet is overlooked:D

Hard to see but this little tree is decorated with Sterling spoons and well as vintage crystals:D On the wall behind these was a collage of Sterling platters!

The dining room theme was the "Snow Fairy Tea Party"......spectacular!

There was a hostess (Snow Fairy) to greet us and explain the details of the roome:D
Father Bill had made cupcakes and candies to decorated the table......he made them of piped spackle!!!!!

The room glowed with tiny sparkling lights......enchanted!

Buffet top!!!!!

The chandelier was lovely as well....

The family room where Father Bill lives.........fabulous space:D

Upstairs.....we found Santa and Mrs. Clause taking a little winter nap:D

We all hammed it up after the tour.........great salads at Bev's cousin Steve's restaurant!

Thank you girls for making Christmas Memories:D

Father Bill

What a fun way to start the Christmas Season!!!!


Roxy with the Moxy said...

so much fun...but... looking back through your blog pix we can see ourselves age... not so good... tee hee..

Roxy with the Moxy said...

love you !