Friday, December 10, 2010

Fun Day..............

Last night on the ride up the hill to our home with Milly....we were admiring all the pretty lights.

Milly sitting in the back seat said, "OMGoodness....."OMGoodness....."OMGoodness...INCREDIBLE".

Did I mention that she is 4 yrs. old:D

Milly and I had the day together.....

and first on her list was baking cookies and cupcakes.

We made vanilla cupcakes with orange zest!

REALLY GOOD..........

Milly was a big help and loved licking the various tools

loaded with batter and icing.

Tonight was Margo's riding lesson!

In the center is Margo and her wonderful trainer, Laura! BRAVO never cease to amaze me with what you can get Margo to do!!!!! Tonight she had her riding in front of the saddle, holding on to the mane for security:D Laura had her turning around on the horse and riding on her knees, calling out orders to "Doc"...."Walk On" and "Stop" and "Whoa" precious!

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