Wednesday, December 08, 2010


I had no idea what kind of trouble one of my Christmas gifts would bring!!!!!!
Rog got me a new computer desk
that only has a two drawers with an open bottom.
That sounds good.....
but my old desk (a thrifted piece of formica) was held up by
two 2 drawer file cabinets.
Those drawers have been the landing place for any paper
that I have received in the last 20 years.
That includes ALL CHECKS, bank statements, insurance paper work, social security paper, retirement paperwork and various manuals, cards, lesson plans and resources.
OH MY..........
As I sifted through these hundreds of files......
I quickly realized that I would be doing my children a GREAT FAVOR
by getting rid of all this now,
not waiting for them to do the dirty work!
As I started throwing away....
it became apparent that some years ago they put your Social Security No.
on almost everything.
You know what that means in this day and age......
everything had to be shredded!!!!!!!!!
My poor little shredder:(
It groaned and spit as I stuffed more and more into the little slot.
As it got stopped.
This went on for the better part of FOUR DAYS.
While waiting for it to cool down.......I finished decking the halls:D Well..........tomorrow is "trash pick up day"
I will blow a kiss good bye to the bags and boxes of shredded paper
that has resided in my file drawers for the last 20 yrs.
What was I thinking....keeping all of that stuff? It will not happen again..............

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