Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Painting completed and a little Fall decor.....

The dining room is almost finished......the canopy still needs to be secured on the chandelier. And yes, that is still the greenery from last Christmas.....I really liked it and refused to take it down:D Still have to decide what painting to put up to the left of the china cabinet. Just love my new blue ceilings!!!!!!!

A new (old) piece of furniture I purchased at the Antique Mall. I like it better than the marble top table I have had there for years. I put my bird collection inside for now anyway. I did get rid of a Chinese Red Curio Cabinet which is where I used to have my bird collection. I cut back on several pieces of furniture.

In the Great Room the shadow boxes are now complete with a fresh look. I am happy with my finds and like the clean lines and contrast. Keeping the teal theme going:D

In my living room or Piano Room in our home....the blue ceiling is quite nice. Great contrast with the crown molding and dried grass wall color! Very happy with the results:D

A new painting purchased for the kitchen vaulted ceiling. I love having some red in every room. It seems to make everything "POP". Love the print-like quality to this piece!!!!!

The working end of our kitchen. Took down the curtains on the palladium window and some of the decor above the cabinets. I like the clean look better using just a few pieces of my vintage cream colored pottery and hammered aluminum trays. The color looks great as a contrast to my cabinets:D Hubby making coffee!

Today I purchased some fruit of the season.......love the real thing! This arrangement on the aluminum tray is on my dining room table while the other arrangement in in the front yard in one of our fountains (obviously without water or pump).

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