Saturday, October 23, 2010

Milly Celebrates Her 4th Birthday........

Here is the Birthday Girl in her new dress mommy made for this special occasion. Although her Birthday isn't actually until next week, we were able to celebrate together because Jeff, Arica and Maddie were in from K.C.

This is the first time I had all of my grandchildren together in a picture with me! I will cherish this pic even though it isn't the is filled with love:D

It doesn't seem possible that they are all old enough to sit by themselves and eat a meal together....LOL. It seems like yesterday that I had the highchairs lined up on the kitchen wall!

These are the people that make life worthwhile for me..........the exception is my darling hubby who was in a few of the pics that didn't turn out! It was a fun evening and Milly was so excited about all her new toys:D Margo, Hunter, Chase and Maddie all seemed to really have a good time and that is all a Nana could hope for:D

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