Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 2 in Alabama.....Huntsville!

One of the many "green spaces" in beautiful Huntsville, Alabama. My sis and I fell in love with this little city, the vistas, the people, the community involvement and the attention to detail! These people are definitely proud of their city and it looks like it:D The Red Bridge graces the Tenn. River in the downtown area. This bridge was given to the city by Japan in 1982. When they put out a call for volunteers last week-end to sand and repaint the bridge....they were happily surprised to have 300 + show up and ready to work. A local catering company furnished everyone with a free lunch and the bridge was finished when the week-end was over!
Their Art Museum is financed strictly with donated dollars. The renovation that is going on is amazing. They will soon have another 7 galleries to add to the existing space along with a children's museum on the lower level and a small cafe! Here are some pictures in an exhibit of Messersmith's work. Fabulous pieces from the Florida artist and professor. He has a flare for color and style that is reminiscent of Mexican Folk Art.

At the lower edge of many of his pieces are compartments filled with 3D objects that run the full width of the painting. At the top is a 3D carved piece (usually an animal) secured to the top of the canvas. Really inventive:D

He has many pieces with 3D pieces secured to the main body of the work. In one painting there is a crutch hanging from the center of the piece.

The boys are playing 4 of the courses on the Robert Trent Jones Trail. Each one more beautiful than the next. Could the weather have been ask yourself? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
The high in the 70's and low 80's. Sunny with a little breeze:D Resort weather....although I understand that St. Louis is enjoying the same weather:D I think God is smiling at us after the broiling summer where us older people found it hard to want to be outside....LOL

These pics don't really do the courses and clubhouses justice......but....for what it is worth, my photographic history.

Now.......let's talk antiques:D We had plenty of them to keep us busy for a week of Tuesdays.

An Antique Mall where many "goodies" were purchased and several hours were spent:D

Now this.....Jack's Antiques.....was the most fun of about your hoarding! Wow, this man would be hard pressed to move to a new location:D We spent a lot of time looking and talking to him. He did know his pricing and was not shy to post some pretty high prices. That didn't stop us though.............we forged on and loaded the car with several boxes full to the brim.

I don't know about the responsibility level of the Fire Marshall in Florence (where we were for these shots).....but, maybe they need to retire him and get some young blood in there LOL!

Below is the clubhouse at Hampton Cove where the boys played the first two days. What beautiful country.

A little tug boat passing down the we relaxed on the is good!

One happy relaxed group!

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