Monday, August 09, 2010

Thank You Somerset!!!!!

Felted bag made from old felted sweaters and ribbon.

I finally got a copy of the Somerset "Art Journaling" Summer edition.

I was so excited to see my work in print.

It never gets old...ha..ha!

They always do such a wonderful job with their photography!

They have had my journal for more than a year

so you can imagine my surprise

when someone told me that my article appeared in the Summer 2010 magazine

last May:D

Even though I didn't get to see it,

it is always a thrill knowing they like your work enough to publish it:D

They have also told me that one of my felted wool purses

may appear in a Handbag issue.

We shall see!

The purse is pictured above!

You got to love it when someone likes your work....YEA!

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