Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Minor Changes......

When I get things the way I like them in my home,

I usually am happy for a long..long....long time!

Thus it was with my red hallway wall!

It added just the right amount of contrast and depth I wanted.

That was about 9 years ago!!!!!! Like I said,"I can be content for a long time:)" Anyway,

with Fall approaching,

I needed something new to liven our home.

Didn't have a lot to spend, but color isn't usually expensive!

I had been investigating a new color for my hall wall for some time,

so after some discussion I found a teal I thought I liked!

Painted the wall....stood back....and.....HATED IT!

It looked like a bedroom:(

Not good, not enough contrast YUK!!!

Back to the store I went and found this color.....much more intense,

much darker and just what it needed!

I was so pleased with the result.

Rog had repurposed this antique mirror holder

from and old dresser

into a shelf for me......and that was perfect!

Then a trip to Pottery Barn

where I found these wonderful pillows on sale....

for a touch of that dark teal to add to the living room!

I am so happy with the result and thought I would share:)

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