Friday, August 13, 2010

A little shopping and some visitors:D

I have had my eye on this rug at Target for almost 2 years now!
I love the textures and colors.
Although I loved it and visited the rug aisle everytime I was at Target.....
I really didn't have a place for it....SO I THOUGHT!
Well, today it dawned on me
that that rug would look great under our new coffee table on the lower level. Last night as I was working on the computer,
I looked at the room and thought it really needed a punch of color! WELLLLLLLLLL, why not the rug
that isn't the end of the story.
When I got to Target I found the rug on sale!
Would you believe? 50.00 off!!!
YEA....and I love the way it looks :D
I found this fabulous primitive coffee table at a garage sale several weeks ago!
I just love it........especially when the kids are here and we are playing games:D
I will work well for Pizza nights fact....San and Bus were over last night for the finale of SYTYCD and that is how we used it....for Pizza!

While Rog and I were laying our new rug,
his eye caught movement out in the yard!
There were 4 deer having their afternoon snack from my garden.....
little did they know that this is the last year that lunch will be served
at our house.
I have plans for the gardens and most will go.....due to the deer problem!
I plan on taking out all the treats and replacing them with items that are not desireable to eat:D
Good bye lilys, roses, Salomon's Seal etc. etc.......
Those deer were so curious about what I was doing as I snapped pictures
even though I was inside and they were out!
They were within 8 feet of the windows and doors to the
lower level:D

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