Monday, July 05, 2010

No stopping us when Jeff and Arica are in town :D

After an evening of baseball for Jeff and Rog & shopping for Arica and was time for the Family Party at Chris and Sheila's.......Next it was the City Museum! That is ONE FUN PLACE!

My precious "Missy" and I at the new aquarium......not open yet, but spectacular scuplture by Bob Cassily!

On the roof there is this really big swing and we all had to try.....not as easy as it looks:D

The most adventurous of all of us........up the wall he went! Didn't make it to the top of the dome because he wouldn't fit!

The views from the roof are spetacular! The line was too long to wait in the heat for the ferris time :D

Then it was time for the slide! Really big slide, but not the biggest they have! Again, the wait for the 10 story slide was in a cave like area (HOT) with a huge time:D

Really fun.........there is another pic of Rog somewhere in this mess of photos! @#$ I tried to keep them in order, but it just wasn't going to happen!

"Sponge Bob Square Pants"? No, just Rog showing off his "Tidy Whitties"!

Big swing again.......Arica's turn.......unfortunately, Jeff was in charge of how high she would go:D

Rog was more kind! Quite a feeling though...........

Here is a top view of Rog going down the big slide :D

Papa and Maddie found a place out of the sun while the rest of us investigated the bus and towers on the roof top! He did get his turn too! We would never leave him out!!!!!

At the of the day.....everyone was content with our adventure......Off to Ozzie Smith's for lunch!

Hope everyone had a wonderful July 4th!


cheryl kuhn said...

Wow, it looks like so much fun and you all seemed to have had a blast, what a great way to spend the holiday with family. Love those "tidy whities"!!

Meem said...

How much FUN can you pack into a day?

cindy said...

Wow! What a cool place! Looks like it was loads of fun!


lindaharre said...

Girls......If you ever get to St. Louis you need to visit the City Museum! it is fabulous and completely designed by Bob Cassily. He is quite the visionary and a little wild as well:D