Saturday, June 19, 2010


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This morning I was sitting on the deck thinking about how lucky we are to have such a wonderful and large family!!! With Father's Day quickly approaching my thoughts went to the Fathers in our family:D Rog is, to me, the ultimate father and step-father. He has stepped in and become the father image to my children as well as being a caring father to his own. He is always there to step in and help when there is a problem; from Chad's room addition to Chris' new basement space and Carrie's new digs. Always willing to give up his Saturday to go work on someone elses house!

I look at both Chris' and see fathers that are involved, role models and loving fathers to their children. There is Jeff that can't get enough of his little girl, Michael that provides so well for his family and Chad that is the protective father and husband at all costs! We are so lucky to have men that put their family before everything else:D

I am proud to be a part of this wonderful family and rich with day to day happenings/memories!

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