Thursday, June 17, 2010

Carrie and the girls have officially moved!!!!!

Nice big concrete deck right outside the kitchen door:D Great place for the girls while Carrie works in the kitchen.

Painted cabinets makes it so much brighter!

check out that floor that was hiding under all that carpet and pad :D
Woodwork is now all white!

This paneling is all painted now as well as the beam:D

Yea! My little girls are now only a stones throw away from us here in Eureka! It is so nice to be able to run over and get them to bed with a bath and story if I want to:D We have been working fiendlishly on this little house that now belongs to Carrie! It has great bones but needed alot of TLC to make it fresh and contemporary. Carrie pulled out all the careting throughout and everyone helped pull up tack-strip. There, underneath all the 50 yr. old careting was hardwood......YES! Most of it was in good shape. Carrie painstakingly removed all the wallpaper and glue from the master bedroom and dining room. Rog helped put up some of her signature chandeliers and we are still on the hunt for a few more. Carrie painted over the rock fireplace which made a huge difference. Ceilings are all bright and shiny as well as kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanity. Paint coated old paneled walls making them fresh and up to date. All the woodwork was brown and fake brick was used in some of the rooms. With a fresh coat of paint (3 coats in most cases) they look great too! We slowly moved some furniture a piece or two at a time but still have really large or heavy pieces to come. Although it looks entirely different now, I thought I would share some pics of the work in progress!

The girls are loving the new house and have already settled in. They wanted to share a room (much to eveyone's surprise) and it appears to be working...ha..ha! Don't know how long that will last.
The yard is over 3/4 of an acre and is like a battle field to walk since the moles have had their way with it for some time! Just another hurdle to jump:D Beautifully tree ridden, it will be lovely once it gets a little attention.

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