Thursday, April 22, 2010

in my studio now.......

I completed this last night:D

On my drawing table I am working on some journal pages with one of my favorite subjects:D

and..........on my work table I am working with vintage items and images that pull at my heart strings!


cindy said...

*sigh* still my heart! Your journal pages always just....amaze me. They are just perfect, I admire your work so.

And vintage be sure...I would want to leave it out always! :D

yapping cat

cheryl kuhn said...

Margo looks right at home surrounded by all that beautiful art. I can see how she would inspire you!

Cat said...

You are multi-talented!!! I really can't touch anything but fabric!

You asked what I'm doing with the quilts... some to give, some to keep and some to sell. I have a girl friend opening a consignment shop and I will try a couple there, but I am finding you just can't get the $$$ out to equal the love and care and time put in. I think donations and gifting will be more rewarding!

This and your previous journal pages are just wonderful!