Tuesday, February 23, 2010

More Dresses For Haiti......................

These little dresses aren't as fast as the bags were to make,
but I am making progress:)
They are a lot more fun to make though.
I was making my own bias tape for the armholes,
ended up purchasing some....and....WOW,
that makes a huge difference!
Much faster.
I have found that 1/2 yr. of fabric
makes about any size up to size 6.
I want to make some shorts for boys before I am finished.
Also, I bought about 15 stuffed animals at the thrift store today
will put them in the washer tomorrow getting them ready
to put in the box as well.

Some of my friends are wanting to help
will come out next Tuesday
when we will all sew bags for orphans.
It will be a fun afternoon as well as being help for those children:D
It is a win win situation:D



Cat said...

In the months to come I will certainly keep an eye out on the RHFH Rescue center blog for your beautiful dresses!

Wouldn't that be fun to see a little girl in one!!!!

JUST ME said...


It's been a while, your grand kids getting bigger and as beautiful as always....

And you AS WONDERFUL as ever....

Hope all is well in MO.....



Train Your Life said...

It is so smart of you to donate clothing to Haiti..the money that is being donated probably won't get to where it is needed!

Nelda Ream said...

God bless you for your rescue efforts. Those dresses are darling.