Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hamming it up!

The twins came out for a "sleep-over" and we had so much fun!
Of course the one thing they want to do
more than anything else is the almighty WII................
Oh my it is sad when a 3 year old
has to take over
because the adult (namely Papa)
can't figure out how to get the thing started....HA>>HA!
Chase had a run of 4 strikes in a row while bowling....WOW.
Their scores were always better then ours
we were definitely giving it our ALL!
When I took out the camera it spelled trouble:)
They now know that they can act up
Nana will put the camera away..................but,
I foiled their plans.......I kept shooting, thus the above results!
We also played Air Hockey
where they beat the pants off of us as well!
AMAZING how their fine motor skills have developed to such a degree:D

They are growing up too fast for me......wish I could halt the action and keep them small for a while longer.

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