Sunday, October 18, 2009

Christmas Retreat......

I have been sequestered in my studio for the better part of the last several day working on more Christmas journal boxes. If you remember, I had 5 done some time ago and delivered them....thinking I was about finished with my Christmas offerings. Well, those sold within the first week and I am back at square one!!!!! I AM THRILLED! We are planning a "Holiday Soiree" for Recycled Rose. The event will be at the shop in Glendale, Mo. on Dec. 5th ........I will be posting more later! I will have to really buckle down and get some more things finished:D


Nancy Maxwell James said...

I always love seeing your gorgeous boxes..they were the first art that introduced me to "you" a few years back...these are fantastic as usual! :) Have a wonderful Monday!

cindy said...

So awesomely cute! Every time I see these, makes me want to run to the Studio and make something. You do the coolest stuff!

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