Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Webster Groves, Mo. 63119

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(Our home from 1968-1985)

I lived almost all my life in a quaint little town called Webster Groves. It is a place where people stay after graduating from college. A place that people come back to! A very close knit group even though you don't know everyone's recognize their face. I lived in 6 houses in Webster......two before going to college and then four after getting married. I taught school there as well and recently retired after 20 years. That is the place I am the most comfortable.

Eleven years ago we moved out 17 miles to Eureka, Mo. A place I also love.....for the clean air, open spaces and lack of congestion:) Another quaint smaller town:) While teaching I found myself back in Webster everyday.....making the transition easy! I would peruse the streets I was so familiar with everyday on my way to work. For a long time I continued grocery shopping in Webster on my way home to Eureka. It was still my home even though I now lived in Eureka, Mo. After retiring I have felt a little disconnected from my roots....if that makes sense?

Recently my son and daughter in law bought a home in Webster.....leaving the historic Lafayette Square area of St. Louis. My daughter and other son have repeatedly voiced their desire to move back as is just one of those places!!!! Now, again, I have a reason to be in my little town all the time! That is a good thing:)

While visiting the other day, I stopped by my one of my favorite homes and gardens to take a peek. Shot a few pics to share with you. Pictures don't do it justice but it is the best I can do:)

My children were born and raised around the corner from this garden. It was a daily sight! The guys that own this home are garden FREAKS.......inviting everyone in to take a look around:)

Above you will also see a 1904 article about our home. It originally was a display home for "American Radiator Co" at the 1904 World's Fair!!!! It was built inside the Manufacturers Trade Building at the Fair. It only had three sides showing off the latest invention....the radiator! It was then purchased at auction after the Fair and moved by rail to it's present location in Webster. It was set in place, finished, porches were added along with a carriage house...that is no longer there. Living in this house for 18 years is a cherished memory:)

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Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

Our son in law lived in Webster Groves, for awhile, during the 90's. I love this town!

Beautiful photos!